Hire Me / FAQ

When i have free time i like to work on new projects and offer my illustration services to everybody. You can View My Art Portfolio here and You can also check out some of the games and experiments i have worked on.
You can contact me by writing to this email – maris@bunkovsky.comMaris Bunkovskis.

How much will it cost?

Depends on the job, provide more details and i’ll provide the quote.

No “Revenue sharing” jobs.

Do you also code/do development?

Yes, i also develop games using HTML5 tech. It’s perfect for web based games and can also be brought to mobile platforms and desktop standalone applications.

Do you only accept game jobs?

No, I also accept non-game related jobs, like creating illustrations and graphic/print design.

Do you sell pre-made assets?

Yes. You can browse and buy my stock art assets online at GraphicRiver marketplace.

Payment methods?

I preffer getting paid through PayPal, but I also accept bank transfer or any other secure payment method.

Who owns the copyright

Copyright of the final work is yours upon receipt of final payment.
Anything I create that is not used in your final design belongs to me (Example: unapproved versions of your final design).

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