Art Examples

Welcome to the portfolio of Maris Bunkovskis. You can check out some samples of my previous works right below. This is just a general overview of what you can get when you hire me. You can also check out some of the games and experiments i have worked on to see how some of the artwork looks in action.

Piece of Shirt

Tileset and characters for platformer game @ garage 48 jam

Mighty Digger

Mining game for social networks


Tileset and characters for dungeon exploring game.

Jelly Fall

Tower falling game. Collect coins, enjoy jellies.

Island game

Simple isometric game demo

Dungeon of hearts

Dungeon crawler game

Guardian angel

Endless runner game prototype

Lord of Cupcakes

Objects / Cupcakes for launcher type game

City builder game

Assets for citybuilding type social network game

Tamagotchi type game

Assets for tamagotchi type social network game